Thanks for checking us out at Calvary Temple. We are just ordinary individuals who love God and love people. It is our desire that you experience the presence of God when you attend our services. 

What to Expect in Worship Services:

10:30am Sunday Mornings
When you arrive on Sunday morning, you can expect to be greeted at the doors of our church with a warm smile and a handshake.  Grab some coffee and a donut and start getting to know people!
We have a large lobby area where you can interact with other people if you choose, or you can slip right into the sanctuary and grab some seats. We have free coffee that you are welcome to take with you to your seat..  

What To Wear?

We want you to wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. Feel free to be yourself!

What About Children?

CT KIDS Jr. – (Infants and Pre-School (ages 3-5) children) will be checked into their individual rooms before service begins. These rooms are located towards the back of the building down our main hallway. Your children will not be allowed to leave these rooms until you personally return to pick them up. However, if you desire for your children to remain with you throughout the entire service, we welcome you to keep them with you. 
CT KIDS – (Ages 6-11) can be checked into our CT Kids room before service starts.  Our CT Kids will have a service that is specifically crafted to connect kids to the Bible on a level that they can interact with and impact their lives both now and as they grow.  You will need to pick up your child after the service. No one else will be allowed to pick up your child for their safety.
*Please note, all of our rooms have windows. Therefore, if you need to check on your child during the worship service, please feel free to go sneak a peek at them. All of our children’s workers have had a background check performed on them, for your children’s safety.

The Actual Service:

We sing songs together at the beginning of service. These songs are like prayers with music. We are expressing our gratitude, thankfulness, and worship towards Jesus for all He has done.. You will experience singing, clapping and people raising their hands in surrender and praise. 
You can also expect a time of prayer during the service. These brief times of prayer are led from the front by one of the pastors or other elders. 
We excitedly offer you an opportunity to participate in God’s covenant promises regarding finances.
Not only do we give because of our love for God and obedience to His commands in the Bible, but we do it with excitement! We get to support our church and its ministries, fund work to help the poor, participate in missions work around the world, as well as see God’s faithfulness back to us when we give in faith and expectancy. 
Messages that are both faithful to God’s Word (the Bible) as well as practical to apply to our lives. Our hope is that you will be inspired and challenged. Each message is prayerfully designed to help you engage with Jesus and His will for your life in a way that can be lived out throughout the rest of the week. 

Following Service:

Our pastors and volunteers would love to get a chance to meet you following the service if you are able to stick around. 

What to Expect on Family Nights:

7:00pm Wednesday Evenings 
Your children will need escorted to their class. This will be similar to Sunday mornings in that the children will not be allowed to leave until you return to pick them up from the classroom area. This is for their safety.
We have various groups for all ages during the evening. Each group starts in a space designated for that age group. We have groups for the following grades and genders:
Adults: Warfare Prayer in the main auditorium (A guided time of worship & prayer) 
Infants: Nursery
Pre-School: Rainbows (Ages 3-5) (not currently offered)
Boys: Royal Rangers (Grades 1-6)
Girls: Girls Club (Grades 1-6)
Middle & High School Students:  Student Ministries (Grades 7-12) (Not currently offered)
Family Night activities end by 8:15,